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I am Alejandro Navarro Hojman, a Digital Artist, 3d Generalist, Video Game Developer / Designer, and also a Digital Music Composer. 

I have more than 15 years of experience working on professional projects (from Direction to Development), including customer relationships. I fit in different audiovisual areas, including C# programming.
I love this, so I put my heart into everything I do.



When I was three years old, I used to wake my dad up on Saturday mornings so he could turn on the Atari 65XE for me. Boulderdash, Pitfall, Bruce Lee, River Raid, Pac-Man, and a lot of different titles drove me crazy. I enjoyed it a lot because it was magical to me.

Now, the wizard it's me!


Digital Animation:
- 3D Modeling and sculpting characters and objects.

- Rigging and animation of objects and characters

- UV Maps

- Lighting and Rendering using V-Ray and built-in renderer.

- Video editing and Post-Producing



- 2D illustration (digital and analog)

- Digital retouching of photographs and renders

- Photomontage - GUI design

- Character and objects texturing


Game Development:

- Game Design (Digital and analog)

- Models, textures and animation implementation

- Lighting and Lightmaps

- GUI implementation

- Level Design

- Data save using XML

- Sounds and channel mixer

- Particle Creation

- Engine animations

- Steamworks knowledge (to upload games to Steam)

- C# Programming

- UX design

- Digital Music Composition

- Sound design


Softwares Used:

- Unity Engine (Advanced)

- Visual Studio

- 3ds Max + Vray (Advanced)

- Photoshop (Advanced)

- ZBrush (Advanced)

- Substance Painter

- Quixel Mixer

- After Effects (Advanced)

- Sony Vegas (Advanced)

- FL Studio (Advanced)

- Audacity

- Pixplant

- Steampipe (Steamworks)
- Bandicam 

- Unreal Engine (Beginner)



2004 - 2005: I started the amazing journey of learning digital art as a self-taught.
Oh, no... What are you doing, Ale??

2006 - 2007: I took different 3D courses with talented professionals from the industry to learn character creation, physics simulation, and lighting among other stuff. I complimented those courses with different books I ordered and internet material. In 2006 I started doing 3d for living, no more stale bread!

2008: I attended a Zbrush training in a real estate agency office I worked for, to improve the 3D models while developing high-quality hyperrealistic architectural renders for big companies.  "I see buckets everywhere...!" But I knew I needed something more... In my free time, I developed sci-fi footage in 3d for a short film (personal project).

2009: After I quit this job at the real estate agency, I started studying the workflow of 3D oriented to Video Games via books and the internet. I modeled tons of characters, and made tons of unwraps, rigs, textures, and sculpts. Nonstop training, pal! 
Gameloft HR was interested in my profile, but I declined because I had to leave everything behind... Was it a good choice...?
Was it???!

2009-2018: That same year I started teaching 3D Animation and Video Game development for almost ten years in a Professional Institute in Chile, called “Arcos”. I was one of the advisors to upgrade the "3D Animation Career" back at that time. It had good moments, but it was enough for me. Let's go on with more ambitious projects! 

2011-2017: I founded a company, Sumersión Studio, with two other partners to develop Video Games and Adver-Games. We developed a couple of self IPs and more than 50 different projects for clients.
I learned a lot, but... Where's my money, man??

2012-2014: I developed ARKADIANAX in my "free time", a PC Retro-like spaceship shoot 'em up for two players.

No rest for the wicked...

2017-2020: Seven years later, when I was about to leave my own company, I decided to learn C# coding, to do my own stuff all by myself, through books and the internet. I developed completely the game "Attack of the Evil Poop", which would be on Steam with a lot of features such as Local Multiplayer, Steam Cloud, Full Controller Enabled, Achievements, and more.
Later, I joined a company to be the Director and Project Manager of a big VR Project.
I realized I wasn’t enjoying that office job as Director and Project Manager, I needed to be true to my roots: Making art and developing Video Games, this is when the magic flows.


2021-2022: VR development as a freelance Full-Stack Dev, remote (worldwide).

Currently, I’m improving my development skills. I’m passionate about what I do.
I love Digital Art, Video Games (+500 games in my Steam Account haha), I love Music and I’m also fascinated by spiritual awakening and how the Universe works. I study a lot in my free time to improve my art skills and enjoy making different LEGO creations, among other analog art stuff. I am very responsible and I like to seize the time to accomplish my goals.

If you are still reading this, wow, you have patience!

If you need my experience to join your projects, you can reach me by e-mail (on the website, below).
I will join forces with you to make your ideas come true. (It rhymes!)


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