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In this section, you'll be able to see some samples of VR Developments and Video Game Developments for different clients around the world. Some of these are personal projects also, published on Steam, and some older digital distribution services that no longer exist, such as Desura.
That's when I realized I'm getting old (?).

Depending on the project scope, the cost and development times will vary. You can quote your project with me.
Just get in touch by mail, it's free!



This is the most recent video game project developed completely by myself, an action-strategy tower defense + reverse tower defense. It's the perfect mixture of StarCraft and Plants Vs. Zombies. Interesting, isn't it?
It is developed for PC (Steam mainly), and later other platforms, such as consoles.
This will be available probably in 2023 (depending on the investment I get) and currently I'm working on an early demo. Coming soon, or maybe not that soon... (If you are a possible investor, get in touch with me, thanks).


2021-2022: Several VR projects developed by me as a Full-Stack Developer, made for different clients in Latam and North America, using Unity and Oculus Quest 2. For some of them, the Oculus hand-tracking was used instead of the controllers. Others had a multi-player feature, among other technical challenges I faced. A lot of hard work, but very satisfying at the end.
Can't show too much because of the NDA agreements, though.


2019-2020: The next is a promotional video from "Orbisoft", a VR software for mining procedures which I detected. This was developed by a small team of talented developers in a very short time (it was a very big goal). I was supervising the team and supporting them in some development areas when needed. I was a mixture of a Director, Project Manager and a few times developer, also.
This software is property of 3Dmente.

Also, there is another version of this same software I supervised, for elevators maintenance. A pretty cool project with a very small development team. Some scripts from the mining version were reused to make it possible in such a short amount of time.

2017-2019: The next video is the complete trailer of "Attack of the Evil Poop", a game completely developed by me for Steam (PC and Mac), with controller enabled, two-player multiplayer feature, six different languages, achievements, Steam cloud save and a lot of other features.
The second video is a TV show (Fox Sports) where I introduced the game and some features (in the Spanish language). Also, a VR Demo is available on Steam if you want to really get involved with this special video game, hehe. Very fun, by the way.



2016: This video is from the prototype of "3 Days of Darkness", a third-person action-horror shooter developed by an independent studio I founded with two other partners back in 2011, called Sumersión Studio.  There we developed a lot of apps and video game from small to big clients. This game was developed in Unity 4 and then ported to Unity 5. We were four people working hard on this, facing tons of challenges, starting by the funding of the game. It was defiant, but it was such a school for everyone involved. 


2012-2013: This is "ARKADIANAX", a game developed completely by myself inside Blender 2.49 (and just like "Attack of the Evil Poop" [inside Unity],  music is made by me too). It is a shoot 'em up for Windows. It has an available demo on Steam. The game was available on Desura and some game bundles such as Indie Royale, baaack ago...


2012-2014: The next videos contain some Adver-Games and Educational Games made in Sumersión Studio. Some look good, some others are very, very basic. It all depends on the time and budget.


2011: This is a prototype of an adventure-action game called "Super Rockstar Creatures", made by one of my partners and me, for Windows.
I made half of the art and all of the programming, using logic bricks inside Blender 2.49, a very simple but funny engine. I'm very grateful for everything I learned here. 

There are a lot of different projects I didn't include on this page, here are the most important, though.

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